Push past success

Enter significance

In a world of complexity, I preach simplicity.

Since day one of being in financial services, one thing has been clear: Most organizations make building a business more complicated than it has to be.

Why? Because the more complicated they can make it, the more perceived value they can offer. But here’s the catch: When it’s time to deliver on that value, these companies always fall flat.

My why


Creating a vision that’s bigger than just you


Learning what matters more to you than just success


Being just successful is too easy


There’s a better way.

Each of these books is

Created based on learnings from the people I love serving the most: YOU
Sharing things which challenged my own mindset, before I could challenge yours.
Revealing simpler ideas along the way, not something more complex.
Stuck in a world of unnecessary complexity, I desired to find a better way. I obsessed. And finally, my obsession allowed me to invent a simpler, better way on your behalf.
And I share that better way in three books:

Success is the Enemy

The Advisor's Pilot

You make the best Financial plan in town


About Jordan Rigi

Raised by hardworking parents—an immigrant father who instilled in me the values of hard work and persistence, and a mother who taught me the power of empathy and kindness—I’ve learned the invaluable lessons that have propelled me forward in both business and life.

I’m not only a business coach and author, but also a proud Catholic husband and father, My passion lies in helping small businesses like yours scale and thrive. My beautiful wife, Rose, and our two incredible children, Ava and Amir, inspire me to go above and beyond every single day (more kids to come…)

I firmly believe that true fulfillment comes from pouring into others and helping them reach heights they never thought possible. After all, what’s the point of reaching the top if you don’t bring others along on the journey?

There’s still more

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If you’ve achieved immense success in your business and life, but deep down, you know there’s still more to attain, I’d love to learn more about you as a human.

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